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Do you have a plastics design or manufacturing problem? We’ll find a solution.

From concept to finished product, customers keep coming back to CVG for design, manufacturing and value-add assembly that works. With years of experience in demanding applications, CVG’s staff quickly analyzes the challenge at hand and develops a solution best fit for the application. From styling and material selection to part performance and cost optimization, we’ll find a way. 

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CVG’s wide range of manufacturing processes provides nearly unlimited tooling, cost and design options to match program needs and brand image. Our expertise and capabilities include the following processes:

This expertise provides the ultimate flexibility in cost, design, lead time and styling options. We can mix and match any combination of these processes to suit your needs.

Design & Development Partner

At CVG, we’re more than a manufacturer – we also provide design and development support for our clients to help solve their complex problems. This includes:

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CVG’s innovative FlameTEK™ is a self-extinguishing interior trim product suited for commercial, bus and other specialty vehicle use. The trim also provides notable additional benefits: enhanced thermal protection to improve HVAC operation and potentially save fuel; improved acoustical performance to reduce road noise; and operator environment trim that is antimicrobial and UV and chemical resistance. FlameTEK™ adapts to curved surfaces to fit several vehicle configurations.


CVG’s progressive efforts to combine ingenuity with safety and comfort for the benefit of operators result in innovative solutions such as our ComforTEKTM flooring for commercial freight trucks. ComforTEK™ provides thermal resistance to engine and exhaust heat that can reduce the cab flooring temperature by nearly 20 degrees. It also offers a significantly softer floor to stand on while working to reduce leg pain.


“CVG has done an excellent job supporting us with prompt responses and has always gone above and beyond to meet deliverables. I have nothing but accolades for the entire CVG team.”
Heavy Truck OEM Project Manager
“When we approached CVG about our project, we didn’t know how to go about bringing our concept to reality. They guided us through the entire development and manufacturing process,and developed design alternatives resulting in a more robust and cost effective solution that allowed us to come to market sooner than our competition.”
Company Owner – Consumer Goods
“We thought we had a solid design, but once CVG reviewed it they proposed alternative processing methods that allowed us to come in under budget and ahead of schedule. We now engage CVG much earlier in our projects so that we develop products right the first time.”
Lead Designer – Industrial Goods

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