CVG is made up of many parts All are essential to our global mission

While we have experienced significant growth through acquisition, CVG is focused today on the future and the design, development and continuous improvement of our core products. Our industries are rapidly changing, but we are well-positioned to meet these changes to ensure stability. Our values serve as our guide through this journey.

Success Factors

  • Product design and introduction excellence
  • Process discipline
  • Customer focus
  • Financial rigor
  • Differentiated products
  • Technology partnership
  • Innovation
  • Supplier partnership
  • Low cost producer
  • Strong product line managers

Strategic Imperatives

  • Grow the core product businesses
  • Strengthen our product design and introduction capabilities
  • Selectively grow into new geographies
  • Strengthen our innovation capabilities
  • Expand into key industries
  • Strengthen our talent development capabilities
  • Expand our customer share: Sell the house
  • Change the clock speed in the business: Sense of Urgency
  • Strengthen our sales and marketing capabilities