Leadership TEAM

We Find a way

The leadership at CVG is committed to one single idea: Find a way to win. A diverse team of people who create new ways can advance technology, deliver the best solutions, and create a better planet. 

Harold Bevis


Mr. Bevis is President, CEO and Director. He has been with CVG since June 2014 and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since March 2020.

Mr. Bevis has been a Chief Executive Officer for 19 years at global industrial companies and is happy to be the leader of CVG at this important time in its history – changing from a cyclical maker of commercial truck parts into a high-performing, growing, global diversified industrial company.

Mr. Bevis has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University.

Mr. Bevis supports a collaborative environment centered around teamwork. He believes the best way to successfully adapt to a changing business environment is to build teams whose strengths are complementary to one another’s. This comes from comprising each group with talented, driven, committed team members who all strive toward the same goal: achieving profitable growth.

Mr. Bevis believes that supporting customers with solutions to problems and doing just a few things right rather than overextending capabilities is the best way to create winning business relationships.

Mr. Bevis enjoys and is committed to creating and sustaining high-performance teams that achieve differentially high results and make the planet a better place. Important attributes of CVG are:

1. Finding a way to win
2. One team that is diverse and inclusive
3. Unique and great people
4. Be creative and be awesome
5. Know when and how to go all-in
6. Pursue entrepreneurial break-out growth
7. Be a cost and delivery leader
8. Differentiate offerings and company value proposition
9. Be accountable and deliver record-setting results
10. Have fun, enjoy the journey, and make the world better

Harold believes that you can have fun, be creative, win, and make good money working as a talented, diverse team that achieves outcomes. If this resonates with you, come join us!


Christopher Bohnert


Mr. Bohnert is Chief Financial Officer. He joined CVG in 2020.

Prior to his role at CVG, Mr. Bohnert was CFO of the Finished Lubricants division of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. Mr. Bohnert also has previous experience as both CFO and CAO at both public and private companies. Mr. Bohnert has more than 30 years of experience with global companies spanning the markets of consumer products, packaging, biotechnology and food ingredients.

Mr. Bohnert has degrees in Economics and Accounting from the University of Missouri and a Master’s in Accounting from the University of South Carolina. Mr. Bohnert is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Bohnert is committed to putting the people of CVG first. He believes the momentum that drives the business forward can only come from the right people with the right talents – it’s all about an effective team with the right support from leaders who always strive toward innovation and new ideas.

Mr. Bohnert is a great example of an accountable cost and delivery leader who delivers record-setting results. His creative approach allows us to meet and exceed our goals while maintaining an atmosphere of progress and fun. 


Doug Bowen


Mr. Bowen is Global Leader of the Seating Business and CVG Aftermarket.

Mr. Bowen joined CVG in June 2017 as the senior leader for the global business at CVG that provides wire harnesses and seating products for the Global Construction, Agricultural and Military markets. Since a corporate re-organization in November 2018, Mr. Bowen has served as the leader for the global seating business for CVG.

Prior to joining CVG, Mr. Bowen served as President of the North America and Asia Pacific markets for Dayco Products, LLC, accumulating more than 35 years of global OE and aftermarket experience.

Mr. Bowen is a graduate of the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He is an active member of SAE International, the Heavy-Duty Manufacturers Association, and the Off-Highway Business Forum.

Mr. Bowen believes that surrounding himself with the best and strongest team possible facilitates sustainable profit and effective growth and supports robust, efficient and productive manufacturing that drives effective cost management and profit optimization.

Doug is an example of how we differentiate from our competitors and find unique ways to win, and his robust experience empowers us to know how and when to go all-in. Doug is always focused on setting CVG up for sustainable growth in how he fosters an entrepreneurial environment of innovation and break-out growth. 

Don Fishel


Mr. Fishel is Global Leader of Vehicle Structures, Plastic Components, Wipers and Mirrors.

Prior to his current role as Sr. Vice President and Managing Director for our Engineered Materials division, Mr. Fishel served as Vice President of Business Development and Strategy where he led the acquisition of First Source Electronics. Beyond his time spent with CVG, Mr. Fishel has served as Vice President, Commercial Vehicle Division with Safe Fleet and has held various sales and marketing leadership roles with Stoneridge, Inc.

Mr. Fishel has an MBA from Indiana University and undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Electronics Technology from Shepherd University.

Mr. Fishel’s philosophy centers around collaboration and a team centered approach to sales, operations and service that deploys our best talent against each opportunity. He believes leveraging the diverse knowledge and skills of our global team allows us to support unique customer needs across multiple industries through knowledge sharing and experience that contribute to a forward-thinking environment.

Don exemplifies how the leadership at CVG is oriented around finding ways to win and promoting sustainable success. His entrepreneurial mindset helps deliver break-out growth that allows us to maintain a high-performance environment and remain consistently profitable. 


Peter Ingemi

Vice President of Aftermarket, NPI and ECommerce

Mr. Ingemi joined CVG as Vice President of our newly created business of Aftermarket and Accessories. His responsibility extends to managing our Global Marketing and eCommerce initiatives.

Prior to joining with CVG, Peter served in executive leadership roles with major building materials manufacturers (OmniMax International, Metal Sales Manufacturing, Aleris International). In these roles, Peter had full P&L accountability, led commercial operations, and managed global supply chains. He also led global sales and marketing with semiconductor equipment manufacturer MDC Vacuum Products. More recently, Peter led operations for an eCommerce reseller Acktify during which the company achieved Top 100 status on the major marketplace sites.

Establishing a clear focus on the most impactful initiatives across the business, using the available data to quickly make the best decisions, and driving complete and timely execution are the principles that have enabled Peter to achieve significant financial, commercial, and operational improvements throughout his career. These principles are being infused into this newly created business, and the broader CVG organization, with his characteristic high energy level and passion to solve today’s problems today.

Kristin Mathers

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ms. Mathers is Chief Human Resources Officer. She joined CVG in September 2021.
Ms. Mathers comes to CVG from Baker Hughes in Houston, Texas where she served most recently as Vice President of Talent Management with responsibility for all aspects of global talent acquisition, recruitment, succession & retention, leadership programs, and training & development. Ms. Mathers has been with Baker Hughes and its legacy parent, GE, since 2000 and has broad experience including HR leadership assignments in GE’s transportation business, appliance business, lighting business and corporate headquarters. She has held progressively responsible roles within Baker Hughes as Head of North American Human Resources and Vice President of HR Transformation.

Ms. Mathers holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a specialization in Actuary Science from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Ms. Mathers has a passion for learning, development and growth in herself and everyone that she supports and partners with. She strives to create a culture where people are excited to come to work to be a part of the transformation and find opportunities to excel in their individual careers and reach their potential.

Kristin brings a strong expertise in coaching leaders and building high-performing teams, creating effective operating models, and ensuring continuous improvement is always at the forefront. Kristin looks at situations and a future of what could be versus looking at things as they have always been. She is a pragmatic leader that always questions the status quo and will continue to look for improvement opportunities in herself and the team. 

Aneezal H. Mohamed


Mr. Mohamed is General Counsel, Compliance Officer and Secretary.

He joined CVG in 2013, holding positions of increasing responsibility that included Associate General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel, Interim General Counsel and Vice President, Legal & Compliance and Secretary. Previously, Mr. Mohamed was counsel with Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter and served in several capacities at Cardinal Health, including Senior Counsel, Vice President & Associate General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel. Prior to that, Mr. Mohamed was counsel to CMS Energy Corporation.

Mr. Mohamed graduated from Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University with a Juris Doctorate in 1997. He has his Bachelor’s in Political Science and Economics from Towson State University, and he is licensed to practice law in Ohio and Michigan. He was formerly Chairman of the Board of Directors and is a current Board member of the Columbus Council on World Affairs and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Mohamed prioritizes partnership in every aspect of CVG’s business. He believes partnership and collaboration between leaders is the most effective way to make strategic decisions and he is dedicated to business growth, providing better products for customers, and a better culture for employees.

Aneezal is one example of the uniquely great people at CVG. His expertise guides our decision making and keeps us accountable to deliver record-setting results, and his collaborative approach keeps us thinking creatively and as a team. 

Kevin Popielarczyk

Vice President and Managing Director – Integrated Electronic Systems

Mr. Popielarczyk is President of First Source Electronics. He joined CVG in September 2019.

Mr. Popielarczyk founded FSE in 2000 and was responsible for developing and implementing the Company’s overall vision and strategy. He shepherded the business through significant periods of growth and diversification and is focused on the expansion of the Company’s warehouse subassembly and contract manufacturing capabilities by leveraging the CVG manufacturing footprint. Mr. Popielarczyk started his career at a national electronics distributor with responsibility for offices in Maryland and Virginia and has more than 35 years of leadership experience in the electronics industry.

Mr. Popielarczyk is a graduate of Towson State University where he earned a BS degree in Marketing.

Mr. Popielarczyk has built a workplace culture based on customer satisfaction and employee engagement. He and his team are committed to on-time delivery and zero defects and pride themselves on working collaboratively to provide contract manufacturing solutions across a number of industries.

Kevin dedicates to sustainable and dependable growth fueled by results and a commitment to excellence. It’s this commitment to excellence and innovation that differentiates CVG from its competitors and allows us to have fun and enjoy the journey. 

Richard Tajer


Mr. Tajer is Global Leader of Electrical Systems. He joined CVG in January 2019.

Prior to joining CVG, Mr. Tajer spent 20 years with Yazaki North America, where he served most recently as Executive Vice President of Electronics, Instrumentation and Components with P&L responsibility for nine manufacturing facilities and $1 billion in sales. Prior to Yazaki, Mr. Tajer obtained relevant commercial and engineering experience from Alcoa Fujikura and United Technologies.

Mr. Tajer is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from Wayne State University. He is an active member of SAE International, the International Institute of Connector and Interconnector Technology, and the MENTTIUM corporate mentoring program.

His core philosophy revolves around people, product and profit. He believes we separate ourselves in the market with our people; that our products are the commercialization of our ideas and service; and the profit we earn allows us to invest in people and products.

Rich demonstrates how CVG dedicates to one diverse and inclusive CVG team that delivers record-setting results. His innovative approach and years of experience make his work a testament to how CVG always finds ways to win and pursues entrepreneurial break-out growth while taking every opportunity to be creative and have fun.