For decades, Moto Mirror has delivered improved visibility and range of view with its unique motorized head movement, superior construction and classic styling. The Moto Mirror product line also includes the Prutsman model, traditional-style mirrors that include west coast, convex and tripod mounts. Our RoadScan product line is designed as a quality replacement mirror for many of the newer, flangeless c-loops used on trucks today.

Additionally, CVG offers a SlideBar product standard on most trucks today. Our SlideBar hose and cable tender system protects the integrity and function of the key connections between the tractor and trailer.

CVG offers a complete line of windshield washer systems with electric or pneumatic washer pumps. Reservoirs are available in capacities from two quarts to five gallons and also can be designed to fit specific applications. Pneumatic washer systems feature an air blast through the nozzle purge.

CVG manufactures application-specific windshield wiper and washer systems under the Sprague Devices brand for the heavy duty truck, bus, agriculture, construction, rail, military and specialty vehicle industries. We offer pneumatic motors or 12- and 24-volt electric motors, linkages, blades, arms and washer bottles and reservoirs with electric or pneumatic pumps. CVG’s engineered wiper solutions are suited for flat or curved windshields made of one or two pieces of glass and provide optimal patterns on taller windshields typically found on commercial bus or off-road specialty vehicles.