Our Core Values Drive us to deliver better results

Commercial Vehicle Group is united by common values with a shared commitment to the highest ethical standards. The world is in constant flux, and so is CVG, but one thing that will never change is our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards. One of our greatest assets is our reputation, and every CVG employee takes that responsibility seriously.

Make The World A Better Place Through Our Products And Actions

All of us know that we can influence the direction of the world if we set our minds to it. At CVG we have. we are on a mission to improve the world around us through all that we do every day.

Lead A Diverse And Inclusive Company

We are a company and spirit of many cultures, races, religions and beliefs. We will strive to lead by example with our Workforce and Leadership composition.

Have Our Results Speak For Themselves, Win And Make Money

We are committed to financial success and reinvestment for future CVG leadership. We have a company that is needed, has a strong foundation, and we will deliver the best short-term and long-term results we can.

Have Fun, Hold Each Other Accountable, Be Truthful With Each Other, Enjoy The Journey

Winning and succeeding and delivering a global set of promises takes transparency amongst ourselves, commitment to being the best, and helping each other get there. Sometimes it is hard but we enjoy our business and have fun doing our work. We live balanced lives and give back.