Sprague Devices

Under the Sprague Devices brand, CVG manufactures application-specific windshield wiper and washer systems for the commercial vehicle markets. We offer pneumatic motors or 12- and 24-volt electric motors, linkages, blades, arms, and washer bottles or reservoirs with electric or pneumatic pumps.

CVG provides full design, analysis and validation capabilities to develop an optimized solution for each application. Flexible manufacturing processes allow economical production of customized solutions in commercial vehicle volumes. In addition, there are many CVG products available to the aftermarket through the OES and WD distribution network.

Whether the windshield is flat or curved, large or small, one- or two-piece glass, our engineered solutions make a visible difference. Pantograph wiper arms provide optimal patterns on taller windshields typical on a commercial bus or off-road machine. Lengths up to one meter cover most applications, and wiper blades are offered in lengths up to 914mm, with all popular mounting styles.

CVG’s Sprague brand has delivered innovative solutions for more than 80 years.

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