Moto Mirror

The Moto Mirror product has been known for decades as the premier vision solution for trucks. The combination of unique motorized, horizontal head movement, superior construction and classic styling continues to make Moto Mirror’s mark on the industry. The motorized head means improved visibility and range of view over manual or simple glass movement mirror heads.

The Moto Mirror line also includes our Prutsman and Road Scan products. The Prutsman product line is comprised of simple, effective, traditional-style mirrors including west coast, convex and tripod mounts.

It represents the highest quality construction built in the USA and is far more durable than numerous imported knock-off brands in the market today.

Our Road Scan product line provides a good performance option for C-loop mounted applications. The Road Scan molded shell mirrors have sleek modern styling and come in black with heated glass. There is a four-way way motorized glass version of the primary head available. Replacement is easy with the quick installation of these mirrors.

In addition, we offer a SlideBar product that comes standard on most trucks today. Our SlideBar hose & cable tender system ensures organization on the back of your cab to protect the integrity and function of the key connections between tractor and trailer.