Acoustical Analysis

Since it opened in 2008, the CVG Acoustics Lab has featured the latest technology to test commercial industry vehicles and vehicle components for sound, vibration and other noise issues—inside and outside the cab—that may affect vehicle and driver performance.

CVG is a leader in acoustical analysis with cutting-edge measurement tools, including a Brüel & Kjær (B&K) 70-channel PULSE analyzer system, featuring a 50 channel Spherical Beamforming System.

This system functions as an ‘acoustic camera,’ producing color images of noise and vibration entering a vehicle’s cab, allowing us to specifically pinpoint locations of buzz, squeaks and rattles (otherwise known as BSR) and noise leaks from door seals.

Our Acoustics Lab also features a binaural head and microphone headset that simultaneously captures the vehicle driver and passenger positions to produce realistic recordings during various operating conditions, including on highway speeds and shifting through the gears.

The sound recordings are then used for benchmarking, target setting and evaluating the effectiveness of innovative cab interior products, including floor mats, headliners and instrument panels.